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Hammam Cordoba - Arab Baths

A hammam (In Arabic script, حمام), also known as Arabic bath, Turkish bath or hammam, is a form of steam bath that includes the cleaning of body, mind and the enjoyment of an excellent state of relaxation. By extension they are also denominated this way, the buildings in which these were and whose structure responded to the different stays that the process of the bath requires.

Arab baths

By extension they are also denominated thus, the buildings in which these were and whose structure responded to the different stays that the process of the bath requires. They have played an important role in the cultures of the Middle East as a point of social gathering, hygiene ritual and as architectural elements.

Hamman in Spain

Europeans knew them for their contacts with the Ottomans and in Eastern Europe they were popular during the Victorian Era. In Spain there is a large number of historical buildings that, at the time, were "hammam", practically in all the cities of the peninsular southeast.

CORDOBA and Hammam Baños Árabes


The Spa has 2 access doors, one through the Patio de los Naranjos and the other through the Mudejar door of the Palace, which will allow you to feel yourself in a distinguished place where your senses are stimulated thanks to the evocative sound of water and the aromas created with unique fragrances signed by great perfume designers.

The Spa is designed taking part of the Roman domus found in the excavations of the Palace and its ruins can be visited from the bathing area.

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  • Arab Baths in Cordoba

    Relax your muscles with a dip in the hot thermal pool, and then stimulate your senses by going cold. Enjoy the warm pool and feel yourself visualizing past times when Spaniards would spend hours debating issues of their daily lives. Sit in the steam room, inhale its soothing vapors, imbued with aromatic essences, and then go to the corner Aroma of the baths to enjoy a massage.

  • Oriental culture

    The Turkish baths were a continuation of the Roman baths and spread throughout the medieval Islamic world, from the Middle East to al-Ándalus. They became a center of social gathering and an essential element of the life of the towns and neighborhoods of the cities.
    After the reconquest Isabel the Catholic commanded the closure of the same, for religious reasons. They remained in the eastern culture and became popular especially under the Ottoman Empire.

  • Hot Springs

    Travelers who visited these countries liked Turkish baths and "took" them to Western Europe, where they became popular in the mid-nineteenth century.
    Today there are about twenty Turkish baths open in the British Isles, although hot air baths still thrive in the Russian steam bath and Finnish sauna variants.
    Lately they have thrived in all Western cultures as another of the activities of relaxation and cult of the body, led by the fashionable wave of the "spas" and the urban spas of the capitals.

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